Mâche and Asparagus Salad

Bees are diggin' the cucumber flowers.

This week's volunteer day at the organic farm involved counting to 9 about 900 times. I transplanted baby bok choy seedlings ~ spaced exactly 9 inches apart, in 3 perfect rows, in raised beds that go on for at least a mile.

Oh, okay, I could be exaggerating just a teeny bit. Bending over garden beds, for long periods of time, is not hard work. It's just one of those punishing torture sessions isometric exercises that remind me of how my flexible Gumby doll days are long gone.

Freshly harvested Mâche Lettuce

In the mornings, we do chores. In the afternoons, we harvest goodies.

This week, I discovered a brand new type of lettuce that's been around for 300 years. {In France.} It's called Mâche ~ a sweet, nutty, lettuce variety that might be perfect for mountain gardens because they appreciate cold temperatures. Mâche lettuce can even handle a mild freeze.

Why haven't we seen this in our grocery stores? Probably because Mâche needs to be hand-harvested so mechanized corporate farms could never offer such a delicacy.

Magnificent Mâche and Asparagus Salad
  • Mâche lettuce leaves
  • Shredded radicchio (the red/white head lettuce) - use about half as much of this as the Mâche.
  • Snipped tops of green onions. (Just the greens, not the white.)
  • Bite-size asparagus tips (gently steamed)
  • Toasted pine nuts (heat them in a small Teflon pan for a couple minutes to bring out the flavor.)
  • Mandarin oranges
* Toss these ingredients in a large bowl, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
* Sprinkle with goat cheese and be dazzled.
Every Wednesday, I volunteer at High Star Organic Farm, located in Kamas, Utah. 
I get paid in carrots.
And, the girls are glad I do.  :)